Environmental emergency events

Accident, or any other disasters can lead to an environmental emergency event, where a large amount of industrial wastewater spills in an unfit place and cause huge environmental damage both nature and humans.

No doubt that a Rapid and proper response in the event of emergency is a crucial factor between a successful rehabilitation or a long-term injury to the environment.

Mish Company with the help of her special equipment and most experienced workers handled dozens of emergencies events and always ready to provide a rapid response for cleaning wastewater on site and the removal of the waste by its tanker fleet.


October 2016

In one of the hospitals in the North, a driver fell asleep while filling fuel oil tank, as result a huge stain Created around the yard and spill out to the basement room.

Mish team was called urgently to resolve the damage. Mish employees worked around the clock with the most advanced means on the one hand and simple labor on the other hand to bring the situation back to normal. In less than a day Mish company took control on the event and Brought it to an end to satisfaction of ministry Environmental Protection Agency.

October 2016

One small human error in a big work site in ​​Ashdod, cut large oil pipeline and its contents polluted the ground around it.

Mish company were rushed urgently with her skilled employees and the right equipment for events of this kind, In Less than 24 hours All wastewater and contaminated soil were collected and sent to appropriate facilities inside and outside the company.

January 2017

After the fuel pipe leakage to the sea in the power plant in Ashdod, Mish company, that specializes in handling environmental emergencies, were dispatched immediately to bring the event to a successful conclusion when all the pollution cleared to the satisfaction of the ministry Environmental Protection Agency