Company profile


Company profile

Mish Marketing and Trade (1986) Ltd is a family company that started its activities in the 70s and since then, the company provides services for the energy industry. Over the years, the company has gained extensive experience in carrying out various projects of pumping, cleaning and treatment of industrial wastewater. The range of services that the company provides the petrochemical industry in Israel, have made it a leader in the field.

The company provides a wide range of solutions to the environment industry, and the Operational division has extensive experience in providing solutions and services in the field of environmental hazards. The company also owns advanced facility, developed from the best and advanced systems of wastewater treatment for mineral wastewater, emulsions and brine.

Mish Working under the most stringent procedures and regulations, and holds all the necessary approvals from the Israel ministry Environmental Protection Agency, and also holds three "Iso certificate" for correct management and control, both for wastewater treatment facility and for the operational unit. The company's customers include the largest companies in the Israeli economy, such as Israel ports, refineries, petrochemical plants, Dead Sea Works, the Ministry of Defense and the Israel Electric Corporation.

services provided by the company:

  • Cleaning and pumping of fuel oil tanks, diesel fuel and crude oil
  • Hydraulic Robot with palm for cleaning crude oil tanks
  • separation and treatment of sludge and fuels made using Decanter ATEX, three-phase, at work site
  • Pump and treatment for industrial wastewater, mineral oils and emulsions
  • Pumping and cleaning sludge ponds
  • High-pressure water washing
  • Cleaning and flushing of canals, septic tanks, chimneys and cooling towers
  • Removal of contaminated soil to approved Site
  • Cleaning and pumping of Ship's engine rooms
  • Cleaning and treating polluted Rivers and seas using advanced methods and organic materials approved by Israel ministry Environmental Protection Agency
  • Collecting Used oil
  • Welding and drilling in active Pipes
  • Advice, Support and treating environmental events


Company wastewater treatment facility

Mish Marketing and Trading Ltd operates a facility for the processing and Recycling of industrial wastewater in north industrial area of Ashdod. The facility has been upgraded and designed to meet all requirements of the Israel ministry Environmental Protection Agency and "yuvallim" water corporation. Since the facility established the company began receiving large amounts of wastewater from cleaning fuel tanks, fuel/water Separators, Petrochemical facilities and chip processing industry. the treatment in the facility is done according all procedures of quality, in order to maintain professionalism and safety along with environmental protection. in early 2016, the Company received wide range approval from the Commissioner of hazardous waste for treating industrial wastewater.

The company has skilled and professional employees undergoing a large number of training sessions annually in the field of safety, handling hazardous materials, Transportation of hazardous materials, and emergency drills. Company drivers and tankers certified to transport hazardous substances, and hold all necessary permits required by law. The company also has permit for surrounded space work, height and medical examinations carried out once a year. In part of the company's efforts to maintain the safety and the environment all the Company's operations enshrined with quality standards ISO 9001, 14001 and -18001.