Hazardous wastewater recycling facility

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Mish Company Marketing and Trade ltd. operates advanced facility for recycling hazardous industrial wastewater

The facility has been designed and upgraded with the most advanced technologies in order to comply with the requirements of the Israel ministry Environmental Protection Agency.

In order to maintain the professional, safety and the environment, Wastewater which are Accepted at our facility treated in accordance with the most stringent quality procedures, so at the end of the process we have the following Byproducts:

  • Sludge – sent to a site approved to receive sludge.
  • treated Water with proper values discharge to the sea or the municipal sewage treatment plant.
  • used oil routed to Suitable refining facility or as Recycled lighter fluid.


The facility receives mineral wastewater from a variety of enterprises.

Wastewater Streams entering the facility are often from the chip processing industry, cleaning fuel tanks, garages, fuel/water Separators and petrochemical factories.

The facility has a Complete permit from the ministry Environmental Protection Agency for treatment of minerals and emulsion, and a poison permit for all of his activities.


Wastewater that can be received on our facility:

  • Waste oils
  • mineral oils waste
  • Liquid fuel waste
  • Fuel and fuel oil residues
  • Bilge water
  • Content of oil / water separators
  • Emulsions